Monday, May 23, 2011

Creative Therapy

Since this was my first weekend without any schoolwork, I went completely craft crazy! I am especially drawn to bright summery colors lately. Here's what I created out of that Starbucks cup (by the way, Starbuck's Coconut Mocha is my new favorite drink -- yum!).

And here is a sample card that I made. I think I probably made about 30 cards this weekend (but more on that later).
What are some of your creative summer plans??

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It has been SO long since I've blogged here, let alone done any artwork. Hello, schoolwork. The good news is, I just completed my first year of graduate work (yay!) and now am switching my brain to the creative side for the summer. Oh, art, how I have missed you!

On Friday, my first day of summer vacation, I took a trip to the local art store to pick up some therapeutic supplies.

A delicious cup of Starbucks coffee (Coconut mocha - oh. my. goodness.), kraft cards, ribbon and embroidery thread

I've been recovering all weekend and am anxious to show you all of the things I have been creating in a later post. :)
I love summer!