Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Change of Pace

Lately I have been setting the paintbrushes aside in order to undertake another project - a shoujo manga (Japanese romance comic) for teenage girls. I began this manga when I was in eighth grade and continued it during high school. Once I entered college, I set it aside to focus on my studies. I am just now picking it back up.

I've been especially motivated to draw this again because of all of the filth that is contained in manga for girls today. A quick trip to the bookstore will tell you just how few wholesome mangas there are. Sometimes I think that we shouldn't wait until God calls us to do something but should just fill a need when we see one.

You can read the comic at its main website ( or through TokyoPop ( You can also "like" Send Me an Angel's page on Facebook and receive news and updates (!/pages/Send-Me-an-Angel-Manga).

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