Monday, October 11, 2010

October List

I was inspired by Arian's recent post with an illustrated list of things to do for October and couldn't help but to make one myself. :)

1. Paint a fall picture - I love autumn beauty and don't want it to fly by before I get to enjoy it!
2. Study Greek and Hebrew - I need to seriously start reviewing what I learned in undergrad so that I can test out of graduate classes!
3. Read a good novel - Haven't read anything really enjoyable since this summer. Any suggestions?
4. Watch a classic movie with my husband - A new hobby of ours.
5. Play in the leaves :)
6. Girl time - Spend some time with some new girlfriends I've made
7. Starbucks - Perhaps I could combine this with #6 and kill two birds with one stone?
8. Get a pumpkin
9. Fall photo shoot - Something my husband and I do every year
10. Love life

Do you have any goals?


  1. Love it! Thanks for the link! : )

  2. If you haven't read it- read Frankenstein! It's perfect for the Fall and close to Halloween :) It's one of the best books ever!
    OR Jane Eyre or Screwtape Letters top 3 books!

    Lisa Ensor