Monday, November 7, 2011

Birds of a Feather Fair - Nov. 6

Yesterday was the first ever Birds of a Feather Fair in Florence, KY (right outside of Cincinnati, OH) and I was thrilled to participate. This was the first "modern fair" I'd ever heard and jumped at the chance to showcase/sell my art to my ideal market. We headed up to Cincy Sunday morning and got setup in the Hilton hotel (fancy smancy!).

The booth setup was a bit different than I was anticipating (tables all lined up side-to-side, like one super long table), but my husband was super helpful in aiding the layout. Since my particular table was actually composed of two narrow, long ones, I placed one of them in front of my large table and the other one along the side. This actually worked WAY better than I had hoped!
Once we got the layout figured out, everything went up in no time. :)

I could not believe how many people poured in to this banquet room! There had to be a few hundred people who came out (about two hours in, I overhead one of the directors commenting that two hundred people had already come). I've never been to such a successful show before!

It was wonderful to meet the two lovely ladies who put this whole show together. I was astounded at how hospitable they were, even coming over to my table and acknowledging me by name as soon as I arrived. They went out of their way to help me set up and floated around the room during the fair checking up on everyone. I could not have asked for better hosts. :)

Strangely, although the turn out was better than anyone had imagined, it was a slow selling day for me. I really can't understand why. The whole place was packed out, people were constantly at my booth, and the demographics appeared to be the people I thought would be interested in my style of art (women in their late 20s - early 40s, well-dressed, stylish, from the Midwest, etc). It was a bit disappointing.

My best seller was by far my mini paintings, as it often is. I was hoping to sell out of my calendars, but those didn't seem to catch on. I did meet a whole bunch of awesome people, however, and really enjoyed the atmosphere. There were so many nice, talented people who had many similarities with me. I'm so glad that I went, and it proved to be another important learning experience.

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