Thursday, November 3, 2011

Learning About Myself

I've never considered myself to be a country person. At all. I hate country music, I've never worn cowgirl boots, I stay clear of rustic/primitive-looking decor like it's the plague.
And yet, I've noticed a marked chance in my art since the last year. Just about every subject has been styled with a country living flair.

I've realized that I really am a country person. Maybe not a grandma, old-fashioned country person, but a country person nonetheless. There's just something about simplicity, fresh air, picturesque fields, and vivid colors displayed in nature that "speak" to me.

Here's some country inspiration I found from Pininterest (don't be surprised if you see a very similar painting from one of these photographs in the near future!)

Credit: link

Credit: link

Credit: link

I think I'll deem this style "modern country." :)

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