Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Already?

Gah, I am so behind... Since November is upon us, it seems like everyone is already looking for Christmas gifts. All of the treasuries on Etsy are displaying Christmas items, all the stores already have seasonal items and are playing Christmas music... Why don't we just skip over Thanksgiving altogether? :)

I haven't even started making my "winter line," much less finished all the art I had planned for autumn. Where has the time gone?

Here's my [lonely] first Christmas item of the year:

Available here.

If you are someone who is already on the hunt for presents, go check out Pink Lemonade's gift guide. There are several awesome artists featured, one of whom is your truly. :)

In addition, I'll also be at the Birds of a Feather Fair just outside of Cincinnati this Sunday selling my artwork. The busy Christmas season has already begun! :)

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